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What Is Electronic Invoicing?

electronic-einvoiceThe invoicing process is often one of the most tedious and time-consuming things for small business owners, freelancers and other professionals.

Hours can sometimes be wasted by needing to write down working hours, hourly rates and related things in particular when invoicing needs to be done often and repeatedly.

Electronic invoicing can help any type of business, regardless of its size but also individual professionals to get their invoicing done faster and much more effective.

What Is Electronic Invoicing?

Just like emails, electronic invoicing is using the internet. Invoices are instantly sent and received, without any delay.

But what’s even more important is that electronic invoices don’t make use of any paper work. The entire process, including the creation of invoices and their organisation is digital. You can, for instance, do your invoices from your smart phone using an app and then send them right away.

On the receiving end, invoices are automatically received and processed. In other words, you can send an invoice to your supplier and have it fully paid without anyone having to do anything, the entire process is automated.

Last but not least, seeing that electronic invoicing is entirely digital and doesn’t require tedious manual writing or transferring of invoices into a PC, it means that there is a much slimmer chance for errors.

For businesses and individual professionals, electronic invoicing can safe them lots of time and money.

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