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The Singing Waiters: Amazing Flash Mob Proposal ‘Just Like In A Movie’

(Video courtesy The Secret Singers, the UK’s #1 Surprise Entertainment Act)

Do you remember the great scene from the movie ‘Love Actually’? Here’s the UK’s Secret Singer’s recreation of this amazing moment! What’s so cool about it is that the Singing Waiters can do those and other great wedding proposal flash mobs for anyone. Now you can do a wedding proposal really like those in the movies!

PS: You can also catch more episodes of ‘The Proposers’ on LifeTime TV (Sky 156 – Virgin 242).

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German Exports Strong, Beating Forecast in April

Europe’s largest economy, Germany is off to a strong start this second quarter. While the United Kingdom is still struggling to boost its export numbers, German exports and industrial output increased more than expected.

German exports went up by 1.9% according to new numbers from the Federal Statistics Office published at the beginning of this week.

While economists predicted German imports to rise by 0.5%, this number instead dropped by 1.3%, adding to the country’s trade surplus.

ING economist Carsten Brzeski to the press: “This morning’s data shows that the economy has left its industrial hibernation behind”. According to him, the newly released numbers are indicating a good start into the second quarter.

Meanwhile, analysts in the United Kingdom are urging that the UK is stepping up its exports. The British government wants to double exports by 2020, yet it’s uncertain whether this goal can be achieved. For instance, exports from the UK to China had been at $16 billion in 2014 while those from Germany had been at $82 billion. This is the more troubling seeing that the United Kingdom has a very rich trading history. Industry analysts agree that stepping up the U.K.’s exports, especially to emerging markets in Asia would be crucial for a better economy in the UK.

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Some of the U.K.’s Biggest Companies Want to Promote Energy Savings

With the cost of energy in the UK rising steeply and no signs on the horizon that this will stop anytime soon, saving energy has become a priority for many.

What’s worse, according to a recent UK study, more than 60% of those surveyed stated they believe there is nothing they can do to combat the rising energy costs.

It is this uncertainty and unease over energy bills that led to a new partnership of leading UK businesses that are now  wanting to promote a culture of energy efficiency and cost savings.

According to those companies, one priority must be how the issue of energy savings is communicated to the general public. Households in the United Kingdom must become aware of the fact that the can indeed control a large portion of the energy use.

Some of the largest British names in retailing other types of businesses such as Homebase, B&Q but also groups such as the National Trust and the Energy Saving Trust have joined the coalition named as Big Energy Vision.

The idea behind the coalition is that the combined, new case power of several large businesses and charities in the nation can make it easier to help Britons save money on their energy bills.

One goal of Big Energy Vision is to highlight practical actions that anyone can do when they want to take over control over their energy costs.